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Wedding makeup is a specialised form of makeup application designed to enhance a bride's natural beauty and create a flawless, long-lasting look for her special day. It is often more elaborate and polished than everyday makeup in order to ensure the bride looks stunning in photographs and in person throughout the wedding ceremony and reception.


Policy & Procedures

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To ensure our health and safety from Covid-19, every client will be asked to wash their hands upon entering, you may bring your own face mask to wear during the appointment. If you are feeling unwell please inform me immediately to reschedule your appointment.

• To book an appointment contact us on 07743 759116 with the services from the menu you would like to book and your preferred date and time. We will be happy to discuss your services further should you have any questions.

• In order to secure your appointment a non-refundable deposit of £20 via Paypal is payable. Your appointment is not confirmed until the deposit is received. This will be deducted from the final price on the day of your appointment. The balance is to be paid in cash. Once the deposit is received you will receive further details.

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• The client shall inform the makeup artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. The makeup artist cannot be held liable for any losses or damage that is incurred due to the client’s failure to inform the artist of any known condition.

• The makeup artist reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members of the party for, but not limited to, abusive and threatening behaviour.

• I require at least 48 hours notice for any clients that need to cancel. If you cannot provide this notice it will result in the loss of your booking fee.

• The client agrees that the makeup artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the makeup artist’s website and social media pages. Any objections should be made in writing to

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• I require at least 48 hours notice for any clients that need to cancel. If you cannot provide this notice it will result in the loss of your booking fee.

• For new clients, a patch test will need to be performed 48 hours prior to all Lash treatments, to determine if the client has any allergies to specific products. Once your appointment is booked, a member of our team will contact you to arrange your patch test.

• I'd like to give every available minute possible to applying your lashes. So please arrive at your appointment, with NO eye makeup on whether it is for an infill or full set. Eye makeup can
affect lash extensions and removing it takes up time and eats into the slot you have paid for.

• Please arrive at your appointment on time. If you arrive early, please wait until your allocated slot as I may be with another client or preparing for your appointment. If you are late, please note that the time will come out of your allocation which may result in less lash coverage.

• Due to my insurance, children and/or pets are not allowed. Also, because of the size of my Studio unless prearranged, friends and family members are not permitted during your appointment.

• Due to the high quality of products I use, I will not infill another technicians work. A removal and full set would be required in this instance.

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